Things to keep in mind before buying Hydrant Valves and other fire equipment

When one says ‘Fire’, it automatically demands alert attention for any carelessness can lead to dangerous loss of life and property. Buying and installing the right equipment can avert potentially dangerous situations and help handle fire situations with efficiency and quickly. But with so many products in the market, it may get confusing and tough to buy the right one. Here are few tips and pointers to keep in mind before ordering fire equipment, Hydrant Valves in particluar:

  1. Quality: In terms of any fire products, quality supersedes everything else. Same applies with Hydrant Valves. It must be ensured that it is not susceptible to corrosion and all of its components are functioning properly.

  2. Approval Ratings: Before purchasing Hydrant Valves, the approval ratings must be checked. Approval Ratings make sure the product adheres to high-quality standard. Ratings like FM Approved, UL listed, ISI, EIL etc are markers of genuine and high-quality products.

  3. Fittings: There are various components in hydrant valves with fittings specific to various classifications and other equipment that are part of the unit. Proper fittings ensure no leakage and smooth operations.

  4. Pricing: Fire Safety is no joke and must not be compromised at the cost of fewer less pennies. If the pricing justifies its high quality and safety measures, one must not hesitate to buy high-cost hydrant valves.

  5. Testimonials/Reviews: Positive reviews and testimonials help establish credibility of a product. Before purchasing hydrant valves or any fire equipment from a company, it is imperative to do a little bit of research and find out what kind of clients the company is serving and what are they saying about the products.

Making an informed decision always helps and in cases of such risky products it is all the more important to be well-informed and not take anything for granted. Other than the above five pointers, other things like timely delivery, installation, etc. are also to be noted. AAAG India does not compromise on quality and has built its over 85 years of legacy on trust and repute.