Fire Fighting Monitors

Fire-fighting is a critical and risky activity. In order to use the fire-fighting tools during emergency, it is important to understand the operations of the equipment used. One of the important equipment’s used for fire-fighting are Fire-fighting Monitors. Fire-fighting monitor is used for manual or automatic fire fighting, using either water or foam and monitors can be portable or fixed onto fire fighting vehicles or firefighting robots. They can be controlled by firefighters remotely from a distance or manually on site.

Fire Monitors are used to fight large fires that emit huge amount of radiation, it is necessary to throw water/ foam in sufficient quantity from a safe distance. Monitors are used when handline branches are ineffective due to their limited range, and quantity of agent applied. Fixed monitors help to fight fire efficiently as they can discharge water/ foam further due to the higher quantity of agent, and their design and installation allows the back thrust to be handled safely.

Monitors can be used to project water or firefighting foam (or in some cases, even Dry chemical powders). Water monitors typically project only water, while Foam monitors can be used to project water as well as foam.

Water Monitors are different from Foam Monitors. The monitors that emit foam require special nozzles which allow induction of foam to concentrate (and in the case of aspirated foam nozzles, aeration of the foam solution). Thus, water and foam monitors differ mainly due to the nozzles which are fitted on the monitor body (while the monitor body remains common for both).

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